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This product is a unique delivery system of the thieves blend. We applied the science of reflexology and aromatherapy together to create a product that not only moisturizes the feet but also supports one’s health and well being. Use Thieves for Soles on the feet daily to enhance the over all health of the body by supporting the immune system. 

"Jo Keiser Grundy Love it! Gifted some to a friend and she loved it so much that she ordered more for her daughter. It smells wonderful. Jo and Aysema from Sykesville, Maryland"

"Jennifer Harrah-Heilman This is one of our favorite Essence Makers products we use in our house while schools in sessions, to keep kids healthy!! From Newbury, Ohio"

"Nana Puppies This product is awesome! The fragrance is very light and smells so good. I use it not only on my feet but hands also. MaryBeth from Chesterland, Ohio"

"Jen Stanicki This is my fav! Not only does it keep our feet super soft, it smells good, AND keeps us healthy! Jen from Eastlake, Ohio."

"Renee Zingalie Schultz Amazing product! I had suffered from sever pain in the joints of my big toes. I started using the balm on my feet, and there are now many days I don't even notice my feet! Even on days when my feet are sore, I just use it again at the end of the day, and I get relief right away. I also use it on my abdomen and my lower back where my kidneys are, just as a preventative. I love This stuff!(Brooklyn, Ohio)"

"Diane Mary ❤️❤️❤️it so does everybody I’ve told about it. I have not had so much as a sniffle since I started using it. I work on my feet and you would not even know because they are so soft and smooth Diane. Cleveland Hts,Ohio"

"Kris Weir Love this product! We have multiple in the house. It’s great for anything but we use it mostly as an illness preventative. Whole family use-whole family ❤️❤️❤️(Novelty, OH)"

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