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Lavender Glycerin Soap

Lavender Glycerin Soap


Balancing, good for sensitive, combination or mature skin. Very gentle yet very therapeutic. Reduces redness and inflammation. Completely detergent free.  Made from non-GMO & sustainable coconut oil, non-GMO & sustainable palm. The high glycerin content is a natural humectant that draws moisture to your skin. Can be used as a facial bar or body bar. This soap's lather is creamy and mellow with a therapeutic dose of 100% pure  lavender essential oil.


Maker's Notes: I made this bar to offer the most gentle dose of lavender essentail oil in the cleanest base you can find. It is best to keep this bar dry in between uses on a soap dish away from the spray of water. Make sure your soap dish has ridges or holes for drainage. This soap will get mushy if it doesn't dry out. Great for troubled and mature skin, inflammed acne, or any skin type. 

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