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Turmeric and Aloe Facial Scrub with glycolic acid

Turmeric and Aloe Facial Scrub with glycolic acid


Our version of this ancient Lu Lur Indonesian wedding tradition leaves the skin polished and glowing.  Indian Idli Rava is paired with extracts of papaya and pineapple and then blended with aloe vera, turmeric and rhassoul to gently exfoliate the face to unveil a brighter smoother complexion. This new improved version now has 1.0 % glycolic acid sourced from natural fruit extracts to refine, brighten and gently exfoliate even better than our previous formula. A propritary blend of five essential oils including coriander and frankincense bring fresh and clean notes to this polishing treatment. Use one to three times per week. Shake before use. 4 ounces.


Maker's Notes:

I designed this scrub to use when your skin is feeling dull and dry. 

The natural fruit ectracts work at scrubbing off old dead cells on the surface for the skin to release fresher smooth skin underneath. It can also help reduce pores and tone the surface of the skin releasing a polished skin glow. My formula is eviromentally friendly containing absolutley NO micro plastic beads. It is also gentle enough to use on all skin types. I like to keep my in the shower and using it 2-3 times a week. Be sure to shake it up and please do not add extra water to this product.

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