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Our Soap Making

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I don't totally love making soap. Surprised? I began Essence Maker in 1998 with handmade soaps. But making

soap was never the idea of my business. I was searching for natural soaps for myself and was completely crazy about essential oils and the health benefits they offered. The first batches of soap were made in the tiny kitchen of a carriage house my husband Ed and I rented when we first got married. I remember it was pretty exciting to see actual lather form on those first cured bars that were hand stirred for what seemed like hours. Right from the beginning I colored and scented my soaps with fresh dried herbs, herbal powders and 100% pure essential oils. I quickly started to formulate lots of blends and combinations and by the summer I was at my first show selling soaps, lotions and other skin care blends. But the idea was never to be a soap maker. The process of crafting cold process soap is extremely labor intensive. It requires large quantities of raw materials. It's messy, and a very temperamental process. In a sea of soap crafters out there locally, on etsy and everywhere in-between I still don't see soap exactly made like ours and there is a reason for that. It goes back to what my wedding dress maker once said to me.

My wedding dress was made by my a wonderful custom couture, her name is Diane Chidsey, she is now one of my most treasured friends. When I first met her she said she didn't make wedding dresses because she liked to sew. I thought how strange to do something for a living and you don't enjoy it. But she went on to say she loved creating something so unique for someone on one of the most important days of their lives. The sewing was just the mechanics of getting to this meaningful connection she made with each and every bride she designed for. I have come to feel the same way about soap making. I love bringing a quality soap to my customers that has the most extrodnary ingredients and is never compromised with synthetic fragrances. Not only do I craft soap in the oldest tradition possible, but each batch is scented with pure essential oils. That is something you do not see much in other lines. Many soap makers go between fragrance oils and essential oils and mixing the two. However, it has always been

my philosophy to create products that are aromatically therapeutic to the senses and the body. So unfortunaltry you will never find soaps here that are shaped like ice cream cones or smell like food. We do not do bright colors and dyes. We do not make reindeer or cupcake soaps. Although I can appreciate the time it takes to be "crafty" with different soaps, I personally was never in it for the crafty nature. I never wanted to spend extra precious energy hand painting soap to look like a snowman, it is still something that is going to wash down the drain. But before it does wash away, I want our soap to touch your senses and make you feel good. Each bar explodes with lather all the way to the last bit and leaves your skin feeing soft instead of dry and tight. My soaps are arranged into aromatherapy notes so you can easely understand their properties. Top notes bring feeling of uplifting qualities and happiness, the are great for normal to oily skin and are very soothing to breathe in. My middle notes are mostly florals that are relaxing and good for all skin types. My base notes are excellent for dry skin and have sedative, rich aromas. Our glycerin bars are even more mild and therapeutically blended for troubled skin. If your are looking for quality therapeutic soap that is completely all natural, vegan friendly and simply a pleasure to use then please try us out. I don't love making soap, but I do love sharing the experience of aromatherapy with everyone I meet :)

xoxo, Tracy Knake

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