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Our take on Thieves Oil

Immune support. Antibacterial. Antiviral. The Thieves Legend Centuries ago outbreaks of diseases such as the bubonic plague decimated populations of the world. There is a legend of three thieves that robbed the victims of these terribly contagious diseases. When they were

finally caught and tried for their thievery, the magistrate told them he would pardon their crimes if they revealed their secret of never catching the disease themselves. They told of a special blend of herbs that they rubbed on them before they committed the robberies. Today it is well known that the properties of these herbs are highly effective as natural antibacterial and antiviral agents.

Our Thieves Essential Oil blend is custom made here in our shop. Our blend is a proprietary formula that includes the traditional thieves recipe with the focus on one specific oil that has been overlooked in many other formulas. Our formula contains a special species of a plant that is more historcally accurate to the 17th century. During the 17th century it was common to use herbs to protect oneself from disease. We wanted our formula to reflect the species of plants common at that time. Our modern day version of these plants are just a little different. The EM version of thieves is a purposeful and synergistic blend to help one's body stay healthy. Use daily to support continued wellness.

Recommended to use in a diffuser (5 drops) , on the soles of the feet, or diluted with a carrier oil. Please give pets an option to move away from the diffuser. Such as leaving the door open. We never recommended taking thieves or any other essential oil internally.

Maker's notes:

I am very proud of this blend. I can't believe that some of the most popular DM companies have over looked a very important detail in the thieves formula. The EO's in thieves oil are very available online and lots of folks make it at home. But there are some small yet significant differences in the botanical make up of the plants. I found my reference in the bible. The bible is full of botanical references that are still relevant today. This information helped me formulate a very accurate version of the 17th century blend.

The oils I use are 100% pure and third party tested. As for that secret ingredient, I am not going to tell!

But I hope you enjoy our version, it smells amazing and is wonderfully restorative to the body. We use it mostly in a diffuser at night, especially when having "under the weather" symptoms. You should always takes breaks and switch up your oils too. Never trap a pet in a room with a diffuser. For children 3 and up, use HALF of what you would use for yourself. Remember when it come to aromatherapy, less is more:) Please never take thieves oil internally, we do not recommend this EVER! Thieves also is NOT meant to be applied neat(directly to the skin). Some can tolerate that, but most can't, it will burn. We have LOTS of thieves oil products diluted safety for you and ready to use. Please watch our blogs and posts to learn more! Worried your going to miss something? Subscribe to our website and you won't miss a thing!

*note this information is not meant to cure or treat a disease. If you have a serious illness consult your doctor.

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